Important Info

Ngatuhoa lodge sits 20 minutes' drive behind a locked foresty gate.

It is extremely important that all groups organize their own gate opening times as this gate CAN NOT be left open and unattended.

There is no cell phone reception once inside Ngatuhoa lodge.

Ngatuhoa lodge is a unique and isolated place. Please ensure you familiarize yourself with our booking policy, terms & Conditions, and safety warnings before placing a booking. Treat Ngatuhoa Lodge facilities and surrounding bush areas with respect causing no damage to either and ensuring all rubbish is removed from the site when checking out.

Main Lodge Facility

The main lodge building contains a large kitchen, lounge & dining room with fireplace, laundry, and 6 bunk rooms (14 bunks, 4 Bunks, 7 Bunks, 7 Bunks, 8 Bunks, 8 Bunks).

Nearby is the bbq shelter, recreation hall, sports field, custodians cottage, large walk-in fridge, and ablution block containing multiple showers toilets and ensuites.

The lodge sleeps 47 people in the main facility and the recreation hall can also be used for overflow with its 16 bunks.

Key Collection/Drop Off

Keys to the foresty gate can be picked up from:

1193 Omanawa Road

Omanawa 3171


* Keys are located in a sliver lock box to the right of the garage

Keys can be collected from 3 pm on the first day of your booking.

keys need to be returned to the above location by 2 pm on the final day of your booking.

Cancellation Policy

The 30% Deposit is non-refundable if the booking is canceled within 2 weeks of the booking start date.


Upon confirming this booking, you will be required to pay a 30% deposit to secure your time at the lodge.

The Lodge is charged at $25 per person, per night with a minimum nightly charge of $250 (10 People).

Your final invoice total will be based on the numbers that attend your booking. You can record your numbers per night within the lodges kiosk system located within the main building.

Full and final repayment will be required after your lodge visit has concluded. A corrected invoice based on your attendee numbers will be sent to you.

No charge for kids under 5.

You will be invoiced for the final owing balance after your stay. Please ensure the check-out process has been completed so we can correct your owing balance.

Ngatuhoa Outdoor Education Society Inc.



Reference: Your Name or booking Number.

Check-in, Check-Out

CHECK-IN: The Lodge Gate key can be picked up from a lockbox at 1193 Omanawa Road at 3pm on the day of your booking.

CHECK-OUT: Guests must be clear of the lodge and have the key returned to the lockbox at 1193 Omanawa road by 2 pm on the last day of booking.

WARNING: Loss of the Ngatuhoa Lodge gate key will incur a replacement fee of up to $2000. Please be extremely careful not to lose this key.

Rubbish Disposal

Bins are provided.

Food scraps for Compost bin (near swing bridge)

Take home all rubbish

Keep rubbish covered always

Be responsible for your rubbish and keeping this area free from rats, stoats, and possums.

Toilet Paper

It is the responsibility of groups hiring the lodge to bring their own.

Cleaning The Lodge Before Departure

It is the responsibility of the attending group to ensure Ngatuhoa lodge kitchens, toilets, accommodation sections, walkways, common areas, hall, and field and clean and free of rubbish before departure ready for the next group.

Cleaning Equipment And Products

We provide cleaning products.

Security Gate.

Maintaining security is the responsibility of the group using the lodge.

Please respect the security requirements.

Keep the gate key with you always.

The gate must not be left open and unattended at any time.

Groups entering or leaving must always travel in convoys under a responsible leader

The leader must open the gate and see that it is shut and locked when the last vehicle has gone through.

Daily Duties

Empty rubbish food scraps into compost bin all other rubbish is to be removed

Ensure the group is looking after the lodge and surrounds

Ensure the ablutions block is kept clean and tidy

Health & Safety

Ensuring the safety of all persons attending Ngatuhoa Lodge is the responsibility of the group booking the lodge. Steps have been taken to ensure Ngatuhoa is a safe environment however, hazards exist, and being safety conscious throughout your stay is a necessity.

Road Safety

The road from Omanawa Road to Ngatuhoa is a private road, through private land owned by the Ngamanawa Incorporation. The park boundary is just above Ngatuhoa Lodge.

The road is administered by TrustPower to give access to hydro-generation works. It has a locked gate, and your booking will include instructions on obtaining the key.

There is another lodge on this road as well as other users. Please be extremely careful when navigating your way to or from the lodge.

All users of the road are required to be familiar with the hazards listed below, and to use the roads and waterways in a responsible manner and in accordance with the rules. TrustPower reserves the right to exclude any person or vehicle abusing these rules:

  • Keep gates locked.
  • Drive with your lights on.
  • Keep to a speed limit of 25km/hr
  • The road is loose metal with tight corners and steep hills.
  • Drivers need to look out for work trucks.
  • Convoys to the Lodge should be managed with vehicle lights on and with substantial space between vehicles.
  • Access is by a metal road with steep grades, front-wheel drive vehicles should avoid stopping on the hills.
  • Leave gates as you find them – always locked!
  • It is advisable that trailers be pulled by 4WD
  • If using a bus, please ensure bus drivers are experienced in these conditions. As the road passes through a managed forest, it is recommended that all vehicles be aware of the risk of fire.

First Aid Equipment

Groups booking the lodge have a responsibility to bring their own first aid kit. However, an emergency first aid kit is available at the lodge if the custodian is in attendance.

Out-Of-Bounds Areas

Groups booking the lodge are not permitted to enter the following areas:

  • Tool sheds
  • Tractor sheds
  • Hydro scheme
  • Diesel generator shed
  • Caretaker’s house
  • TrustPower fenced-off area

Recreation Hall

Jumping on mattresses is prohibited

The cost of a replacement mattress cover is in excess of $300.

If you are attending in winter the floor of the hall can be heated – but please give the custodian notice to organize it.

Recommended Gear List

Attending the lodge with appropriate clothing and equipment is the responsibility of the group booking the lodge

Gear required can include:

  • Sneakers, running shoes, boots, or sandals. Jandals are not recommended.
  • 4 pairs of socks, preferably wool
  • 2 pairs of shorts
  • 1 pair of track pants or similar
  • 2 wool jerseys/bush shirt/Swanndri/polar fleece
  • 2 shirts, preferably wool
  • Raincoat
  • Sunhat and beanie
  • Bathing suit, nightclothes
  • Personal toilet gear including 2 towels and any medication needs
  • Sleeping bag and/or blankets, pillow & pillowcase
  • Insect repellent and sunscreen
  • Tea towel
  • Plastic plate, bowl, mug, cutlery, and a few clothes pegs.
  • The group must bring;
  • First aid kit - including insect repellent and antihistamines for wasp or bee stings
  • Toilet paper
  • Tea towels