Risk management - The lodge is a challenging environment so students and leaders need to be physically fit and well prepared.

It is essential that all camp leaders to have visited the lodge prior to taking a group in and to fully discuss with their co-leaders the risk management required for each activity. Leaders of camps have full responsiblity for the welfare of their group. A reference folder of HARMS forms is kept in the lodge and must not removed. We advise you also have your own copy of the HARMs forms and you can download them from our Risk Management page. Make sure you and your group are familiar with emergency procedures - exits for fire, handling of serious accidents, etc (posted in lodge). All accidents, even minor ones, should be recorded in the register held by the custodian. Serious accidents should be reported to Work Safe on the form provided.


A number of organisations have created curriculum-linked resources that can be adapted for use at Ngatuhoa Lodge.

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