Group Leader/Teacher has overall responsibility for Search and Rescue until Police Search Controller arrives on scene. The Lodge committiee strongly recommends that the advice of the resident Caretaker be heeded.

  1. That the control and safety of all members of the group be organised/Delegated.
  2. The group of members be carefully (individually) questioned to establish to the best of your ability the last known location of the lost person/party.
  3. Consult with caretaker regarding  cut off points and likely recovery of lost party.
  4. Ring Police to warn of a possible search that may be required. 07 577 4300 (ask for duty SAR officer)
  5. Establish clothing, equipment and footwear (tread pattern) of lost persons and any medical conditions.
  6. Send search teams or blockers out. Search teams should be experienced calm people equipped with whistles and times for reporting back in.
  7. If initial search fails to locate lost persons, inform Police and Headmaster, parents etc. Plan to extract the other children back to town if the SAR personnel need the accommodation, leave the cooks.
  8. Assist SAR.