An emergency phone is available for use located on the corner of the ablution block. This phone can dial out only and can only call 111.

Follow instruction son phone to dial 111.

Ring 111 and ask either for Police, Ambulance or Fire.

If the caretaker is not available to get cell phone coverage, go to the top of the hill either by abseiling platform or the Forest Park sign on the road in.

For a medical emergency:

Ambulance by road:
Ring then drive out to the gate to meet and guide ambulance in.

Ambulance by air:
Helicopter the playing field is the landing area.
Lat S370 53' 13.1sec
Long E'1760 01' 16.3sec
NZMS 50 Grid Ref E 1865692 N 5802423 

For a lost party:

An early warning to the local police LSAR incident Manager is advised.
Tauranga Police Station 07 577 4300
(Ask for the Duty SAR officer.)